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Pictures pre year 2000

Pictures pre year 2000

This female is called Jeannie. She is my sisters' boyfriend's 1st born daughter. This female is called Kiki. She is my sisters' boyfriends' 3rd born daughter - She giggles all the time, hehe.

This is Mie. She is also one of my sisters' boyfriends' daughters. If you haven't figured it you yet, she is the 2nd born of the three :-)

This is just me again. A picture from around 1999
My sister Mette, really hates me for placing this picture on the net. I really can't imagine why, *EG* My mother Marianne. Bending. Cleaning the sidewalk.

Another picture of me. Taken around 1999 just before I moved to Copenhagen.

Jeannies' bird Skipper. A fine fellow he was :-)
This is a picture of my cousin Thomas who lives in Copenhagen. He's quite funny. He doesn't look like this nowadays though. So you probably can't recognize him, even if he stould right in front of you.
My beautiful cat Whiskey. He's lying on my mothers mousepad, not something my mother approves though :-)
This is my mother and my aunt. They're a bit drunk and are saying the word cheese en Danish (ost), kinda fun :-) A quite nice picture of me, if you don't mind me saying so. And NO, you don't mind!