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Exchange 2013 - Outlook 2013 - Outlook Anywhere not working?

Written by: Mads Dam - 21.06.2013 - 0 comments

So, I've been dealing with a weird problem with Exchange 2013.

On my server I have:
- Windows Server 2012
- Exchange 2013 (CU1)

The domain is called isites.local, and I've had it since Windows Server 2003 R2.

Everything is generally working - Autodiscover, Availability Service, Exchange Web Services (EWS), all according to ExRCA, and OWA works as well.

Now. Outlook Anywhere is the only way for Outlook clients to connect now. There's no MAPI. It's only RPC over HTTPS, which also means that for now (Exchange 2013 CU1), the servername is your mailbox-guid@domain.xx That is perfectly normal. However - Outlook Anywhere was sort of not working for me on outside clients.

"Sort of" meaning:
If a client already had a profile configured and attempted to connect again via the new Exchange 2013. It actually got updated and worked flawlessly.

If a client is brand new, coming from the outside and used Autodiscover to get alle settings, I just got a weird "Outlook is not connected" or "Cannot check name against..."-error message.

I've checked loads of webpages and most refer to the certificate being wrong or untrusted. However, OWA works and doesn't show any invalid ssl-stuff. Hmm.

What finally made it work was actually setting outlook anywhere settings to use basic authentication (set through ecp-website) and afterwards explicitly setting IIS Authentication to both Basic and NTLM:

Set-OutlookAnywhere -IISAuthenticationMethods Basic,NTLM

Beware, that only Outlook 2010 and above supports saving credentials when using Basic authentication!


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