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My birthday!

Written by: Mads Dam - 05.03.2010 - 0 comments

Yay, it's my birthday! WAUW

I also finally completed the part of the sites I wanted commentable. You can go into My IT-stuff, and Games-stuff and comment all you want, if you want ofc ;)

So.. birthday, I wonder what will happen. Time is 00:18 at the moment and I'm getting ready to go to bed. I already was out with Jesper buying my birthday-present from him today at Rødovre Centrum - A nice shopping mall really. I got some lovely underwear.

Anyway, off to bed with me. Have fun all :)

Update (23:24)
It's been a nice day - I got a rechargeable vacuum cleaner so it's easier to clean the car.. yay - I've got 2xHugo Boss underwear.. very nice to have on ;) I've got 1 gift certificate for whatever store I choose, yay (clothes!!!) and 1 gift certificate for a specific shopping centre.. YAY. /love.

The day has been nice. Vacation day, I always elect to get my birthday off and this year is no different. When Jesper got home from school, we went and tried out a Mini Cooper D - he fits! =) Only problem is, there's no room behind us for passengers, so if it's a car we want, then it'll probably be a Mini Cooper Clubman instead. It has to be functionable!

Later tonight we went out and had dinner. Very cheap too, because we used a gift certificate I got some last year from work for "A better dinner". This apparently involved a 3-course dinner starting with... starters ^^, a lovely main course, and dessert. Very lovely. It was at a winebar called Il Senso quite nice. Recommendable :)

And to finish of the evening at home, we're playing World of Warcraft where Jesper is taking me through 3 instances.. Razorfen Downs followed by Uldaman and finished off in Zul'Farrak :)

All in all a nice day :)


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